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Taking trash off the street to save our turtles

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Clean the environment one walk at a time.

This is one short walk to get a coffee and hot chocolate with my daughter.

Counter: straws: 7 buts: 71 cups: 4 candy wrapers: 18 plastic bottle: 4 can: 1 lighter: 2 battery: 1 styrofoam: 2 Sum: 110 1 cigarette butt can contaminate up to 500 liters of fresh water. That's 132 gallons. We picked up 71 buts in our walk. That's 35,500 liters or 9,372 gallons of fresh water we could have saved from pollution on just one short walk. That's a 12' x 24' 4.5' deep pool Clean the environment one walk at a time. Join Save our Turtles on a trash walk. Fresh air exercise and a cleaner world.

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